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Content Marketing [Video]

The only real, converting type of marketing left is Content Marketing.

Marketing with valuable content is a win-win for your company and your customers – your potential clients get the information they require and you get to demonstrate your expertise and usefulness. Valuable content will help you sell. It helps your ideal clients find you and makes it easier for them to buy from you.The idea is to start a conversation that will get you sales eventually but the conversation is not started with asking for sales but rather providing value.

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My Social Media Week 2018 Story

I was at The Social Media Week 2018 event not as a speaker but as an attendee.

I have been training for a long time. Nothing wrong with just relaxing, learning from others and sipping Zobo

I learnt a lot and met great people and built relationships. Here are some pictures

Nobel Igwe and I had fun. #Igboamaka.

JJ Omojuwa… My mentor from afar.

DJ Sose and I. He makes great music mix, people.

Update:I didn’t know this guy could stay without his signature face tattoo… He actually removed it for his traditional wedding.

Standing here with the tallest male model in Sub saharan Africa, Bakare Mubarak. See how small he made us look.

This is Claudine Moore. She is a PR and Communications Expert that’s crazy about Africa.

I absolutely loved her presentation.

I wowed her with my elevator pitch, she couldn’t believe it. I’m great like that.

This is Chuba Ezekwesili.. Yes, you know his mum. He is great with bringing out information from raw data. Awesome guy.

Oh boy… If you see what I saw in this virtual video. See me dodging and punching the air.

Africa is Next.

I loved this structure in one of the meeting centres had to take this shot.

If you follow me on Instagram.com/TheoracleVA there’s more to see there.

I would be speaking next year. Remind me to take more photos. 🤣

5 Things that can help you get Clients on Twitter

No clients from Twitter? No problem. Try doing the following:

1. Have a Great Profile

Try to look as good as the person your client is looking for.

If you know your client well you know what they expect you can become what they expect.

Write your profile using the words that answer the questions of your market. People are looking for answers let your profile tell them you have what they are looking for.

Use great pictures for your profile. Well taken photos that show your face are great in helping people identify and remember you.

If you are a company or brand use your logo.

2. Tweet Frequently

Tweet everyday especially when your clients are online. Find out when your audience or market is online. Be where they are so you can have those conversations.

Use the right key words and hashtags that relate to the subject being talked about.

3. Participate in Twitter chats:

Twitter chat is a public Twitter conversation around one unique hashtag. This hashtag allows you to follow the discussion and participate in it. Twitter chats are usually recurring and on specific topics to regularly connect people with these interests.

Participating in this exposes you. Participate in the chats related to your niche and where your customers or audience would likely be too.

4. Respond to Everything. Social Media is about people. Talk to them. Answer questions. Respond to comments. Thank new followers. Follow back if you want. Talk to people. Find a way to improve relationships. The more conversations you have the better your exposure. Ask more questions in order to get the real problems your audience really have and deal with it.

5. Follow the Big Guys in your Industry.

Every industry has their big guns. They have the market and followers. They have the audience you want. Follow them and Build a relationship both with them and their followers who you are interested in.
Create a relationship first, sell later.

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The video below was recorded live

3 Steps to Get Leads on LinkedIn

We hear a lot about leads and more leads. People tell stories how they got clients from different social media platforms and all that. Today I would like to share my own story of how I get leads on LinkedIn. I had Facebook Live video where I described this you can watch here : Facebook.com/TheoracleVA/videos

Here it goes…

1. Take note of those checking your profile, try to improve your KLT(know, like and trust) factor.

When you get notifications from LinkedIn that your profile has been viewed, what do you do? How Important is this information to you?

For me it tells me:

– I’m attracting attention.
– that there’s something about me that interests someone or other people.
– They are interested in what I’m offering or probably have.

It’s not enough to get this notifications… You have to make them count. Don’t let LinkedIn down. Convert these people.

This is how to convert your profile visitors

Go to the profile of the visitor. Find enough information about the person, read their posts, check out their updates, see what they are interested in e.t.c

Doing this will help me package my offer to the person when we start the conversation. It should help you do the same too. You need to know the person and so you can build him or her to take action.

When you finally get in touch, you already have something of interest to talk about from your research on the person.

Break the communication barrier.

Don’t start with trying to sell something. I repeat don’t start with trying to SELL. Give this new relationship time to grow.

Build your KLT- know, like and trust factor then it becomes easy to sell. You can offer services for free in the beginning. Later on you can ask to be paid.

2. Be active on LinkedIn. Take note of your friends updates and that of their friends.

Pay attention to what’s happening in your niche and network. When you notice something interesting get in touch and try to build a relationship as we have talked about above.

Do this frequently. If you have an E book give it out. It improves your relationship and grows your authority.

3. Participate in LinkedIn groups: Be where your market is and your customers are. Listen to issues people have in the group. Continue to work on building more relationships again using the steps already mentioned above.

Relationships first. Sell after.

I hope this helps. Would love to know your thoughts on this. Any questions just ask me.

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[Video]: 9 Things to Work on to improve your Social Media Strategy in 2017

Designing an effective social media strategy to help you achieve your goals can be a real challenge. In this video post, I share a few things that can help in 2017. Things you can use to make sure your social media marketing efforts are headed in the right direction and having the biggest and right impact.

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The 33 Strategies of Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. If you use it correctly, you can create a strong personal connection with your prospective customers and sell to them quite easily. However, marketers often make the mistake of diving into social media without a clear plan. To benefit from social media, you need to build a clear strategy that takes into account what you’re trying to achieve, who your customers are and what your competition is doing… All these and more are what The Ebook ‘The Oracle’s 33 Strategies of Social media’ by Victor Anyanwu covers.

After downloading and reading, you would be armed with tools to grow your social media followers, attract customers, improve online reputation, grow brand influence and affinity and also be able to achieve other Objectives.

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The 33 strategies of Social Media War

How The Donald Trumped Hillary Clinton: Business Lessons From The US Elections.

Hope you now know who won the US Presidential elections?

You know Barack Obama right? You know how he won his election using Social media effectively? Well we have another Social Media Candidate that just won the election. Donald J Trump trumped Hillary Rodham Clinton. What can we learn from this?

I am not a Donald Trump political candidate fan but I am a Donald Trump the business man fan. After the shock defeat of Hillary Clinton, I decided to do a mini post-mortem and share it with you. How did this guy win? How did all the polls miss it?

The Audience and The Problem: The American people were tired of unfulfilled promises. They wanted their jobs back, they wanted good paying jobs, they wanted cost-effective healthcare, they wanted their country and their destiny in their hands and a great future for their family and kids.

The two candidates had one goal which was to become President to solve the problems. Now to achieve that goal they had to convince the electorate that they knew what the issues were and had solutions to them. They created a strategy to achieve their goals but Trump was elected. Let’s see how he did it.

1.Solution system: Clinton used System/Status Quo centered strategy to create her solutions. She looked at what worked before and tried to improve on it. While [Tweet “Donald used Client-centered strategy.”] He looked at what the clients wanted, captured it in his message and then delivered. Because he sounded interested in the American people no one cared if he didn’t have experience. Both strategies were put to the test and we know the results. strategy to create her solutions. She looked at what worked before and tried to improve on it. While Donald used Client strategy. He looked at what the clients wanted, captured it in his message and then delivered. Because he sounded interested in the American people no one cared if he didn’t have experience. Both strategies were put to the test and we know the results.

Action Steps: Think of your clients first. Your clients should be the center of everything. Focus on delivering distinct solutions that they really want. Listen to them. Listen to what they are saying and what they are not saying.

2. Understand Your Audience: Clinton knew the audience, the American voter but didn’t understand them. [Tweet “It’s one thing to know them but another to understand them.”]You can only understand someone if you study them. Trump gave time to understanding. He employed analysts and other experts to psychoanalyze and tell him all they could about his audience, their interests, their pain, their fears, where they hang out, how they spend their time, even the type of TV shows they liked to see. He got all that he needed to develop the right strategy for the audience he needed to win.

Action Steps: Know, Study and Understand your audience. You cannot hit a target you do not know. You cannot speak to an audience you do not understand.

3. Build a community: Trump created a movement of people. People want to be part of a community, something larger and bigger than them. Trump provided this.

Action Steps: [Tweet “Communicate, connect, and engage with your audience. Build a community.”] Give them something larger to fight for. Make them feel that they are a part of the family.

4. Use the words of your audience: [Tweet “People connect with people who talk like them”], use similar words to them. Trump is not politically correct. He did too many wrong things but it was this ‘political incorrectness’ that got him this far. He cursed on air. He insulted people without looking back. Crazy right? But his audience does not think so. They do not care about all that. They think he was just awesome. He spoke to them in the words they understood. The words they use in their everyday conversation. This brought him closer to them and made them feel so much like him.

Action Points: Sell with your words. Every audience has its key words. When they look for solutions to their issues they look for certain words. Know those words and use them. Know the language of your target audience. Talk straight to them in the words they know and understand.

5. Emotional Marketing: While Clinton was selling the way she knew how – the political way, Trump was selling like a business man. [Tweet “He knows buying is an emotional decision”]. Clinton sold to their reasoning. Trump sold to their emotions. Fear and Pain were his major marketing points.

Sometimes it’s good to think outside the box: This was the only way Trump knew how to think because he was outside the system. Clinton was part of the system so she continued with her inside the box thinking.

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6. Be news worthy: With Trump, You don’t have to be correct to be in the news. Trump is the most controversial candidate I have ever seen and his ‘controversiality’ put him in the news all the time. He was awesome with capturing media attention. Turning every situation into a media sensation. Clinton played it too safe so she had to buy media attention with ads. Trump didn’t care about safe. He just said it as it was to him. He had more people talking about him than there were talking about Clinton even though not all they said was positive. Even the Clinton campaign slogan Love ‘Trumps’ Hate still mentions his name.

Action Point: I am not saying become like Trump and start telling stories that are not true as this could ruin your brand. All I am saying is find out what news worthy gist your audience would love and then give it to them. Be creative with your messages and content. Let it be full of value for your audience.

7. Social media: Trump used social media to air his views a lot and his fans just did the rest for him. It positioned him as a voice for a section of the populace no one was listening to. Finally, this group felt they had a messiah they could connect with.

Action Point: Use social media platforms strategically. [Tweet “Position yourself as a voice worth listening to.”] Be where your audience is and engage with them.

Thanks for reading. Do not ignore all we have talked about here. Implement it. Don’t be like Hillary. Would love to hear about your journey to success.

If you have issues with social media and how to use it effectively in business or you would like a social media audit and assessment, kindly let me know. Mail:TheOracle@vycade.com. You can get my new book: 33 Strategies of Social media here

11 tips to grow your Twitter Following.

“I hate KFB. Kindly Follow back, please. Why should I? I follow value. Would you follow someone if he or she has no photo on Twitter, No bio, has no message that is relevant to you? Fix all these things, provide value and your followers will increase”

That was my response to someone. Who wanted me to follow her account that had nothing to follow about it. On looking at her timeline I saw she had followed Kanye, Kim kardashian, Obama and was telling all of them to KFB. Unfortunately no one did. She had a few followers though who looked like her with no photos too and probably from the same village because they had similar names…

Well that aside, I have 18,000 followers on Twitter www.Twitter.com/vycadetheoracle . Would you love to grow your Twitter following?

Take My advice, take my friend’s advice also. @madalynsklar says

1. Tweet every day. Be out there. Schedule posts if you have to. Be in their face all the time providing value.

2. Participate in Twitter Chats. Be where the conversion is. Our #SWATChat will be every Wednesday from November.

3. Check Twitter notifications and respond to every thing. That’s the way to keep the conversion going.

4. Use advanced Twitter search. Advanced search is available when you’re logged in to twitter.com. It allows you to tailor search results to specific date ranges, people and more. This makes it easier to find specific Tweets.

5. Use Twitter lists. A list is a curated group of Twitter accounts. You can create your own lists or subscribe to lists created by others. I use this alot.

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6. Engage. Engage. Engage.

Social Media is about communication. Talking. Listening. Engaging.

What I added…

7. If you happen to come across a profile like yours, be honest, Would you follow you? Have an awesome profile. Great photo and bio. Be the type of person your brand audience would love to follow.

8. Use right the key words relevant to your brand and industry so when people search for those words it would bring them to you. If you are in Banking use Bank, Name of your bank, Finance, Personal or public finance etc as keywords in your profile or timeline.

9. Use HashTags when you tweet. Relevant and popular ones get more results.

10. Follow others and ReTweet their content. Share stuff from other people you love. They would return the favour.

11. Follow followers of your top industry influencers a good number would follow you back as long as you look and sound like some one who would provide the type of content they value.

If you want to learn more, subscribe here: subscribe.victoranyanwu.com/TheOracle

Attract attention, Attract Followers, Grow your business and income – get my new ebook – 33 Strategies of Social Media here:

7 Habits of Highly Effective Real Estate Investors

Investing in Real Estate can be exciting and scary at the same time. You never know if you are going to make it or not. But what if you could rewrite that script. What if there was a way to win every time? If you want to win every time you would need to fix your real estate investment habits. Your habit can

If you want to win every time you would need to fix your real estate investment habits. [Tweet “Your habit can make you or break you.”] It controls everything even your investment style.
Effective investors have been doing it a long time and they have certain winning habits that we gonna explore in a minute. Highly Effective Real Estate Investors have a…

Highly Effective Real Estate Investors have a…

1. Habit of Goal making: They always have things they want to achieve per time. Once they achieve it they move on to other goals.

2. Habit of Planning: They always make written plans to achieve their goals. [Tweet “A goal without a plan is just a wish, they know and so they make plans.”]

3. Habit of Learning: Proper education improves investment outcomes. They always learn all they can about the particular real estate investments before getting involved. [Tweet “They read, they study, they listen”]. They source for information always.

4. Habit of Systemizing: Highly effective people work with systems – a great workable result oriented system. It’s no different for real estate investors.

5. Habit of Consulting Experts: Highly effective real estate investors always consult experts. An expert in an area knows a lot about that area.[Tweet ” Real Estate investors always seek expert advise.”]

6. Habit of Always Checking: Opportunities come up every time, highly effective real estate investors know this and so they are always checking. They are always on the lookout for new openings.

7. Habit of Starting Small: When opportunities are discovered, they do not just jump into it. [Tweet “They take their time and they start small and then increase their stake gradually.”] Start small, grow gradually.

These are time tested habits that have yielded results over time. [Tweet “Real Estate Investing can be a success always if you develop the 7 habits and follow them diligently”].

Let’s hear how you implement this. [Tweet “Remember, strategies win battles not weapons.”]


[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]I am a Business & Healthcare Social Media Strategist. I manage Social Media accounts & help people use social media profitably to attract prospects and convert them to paying customers growing businesses to 6 or 7 Figures.[/author_info] [/author]

Consider It Sold

Why Your House is not yet sold and what to do about it.


“I have a property I have been trying to sell and I have done everything possible and yet haven’t been able to get any sale. What could be the reason?”, Kasali said.

Is this your situation? Then today is your day of Salvation.

Why is your property not getting any attention or being sold? There’s nothing more frustrating than having a property that is just sitting there without sale, gathering dust. The reasons are many why you haven’t had a sale. You might be overlooking something or you may have failed to do something. It may also just be a slow or down market. So, which is it?

If your property has been on the market for a long time without a bid or sale it could be due to the following and here’s what to do about it.

1. Your House Looks terrible: Who would buy a terrible, ugly looking house? The roof is falling apart, the tiles and sink in the kitchen and toilet are all broken or not available. Would you buy a house that looks like that? Well, you might if the price is really low. But if it’s priced appropriately but looks terrible, It’s important to do a little work it. Paint it, fix, make it look good and package it like a product. Everyone loves something that looks great, make your house look great and you would probably get it sold soon.

2. House priced Too high: You might say I have a great looking house yet it has been available for too long without a sale. What could be the problem? Could it be that it’s not selling because it’s over priced? Do a comparison and try to price appropriately.

Could it be that it’s not selling because it’s over priced? Do a comparison, find out if it’s over priced and if it is try to price appropriately and represent to the market. You just might get it sold.

3. Poor Marketing and Advertising: No one would buy a product they do not know is available. How many people have heard of your property? How many people have come to check it? What platforms do you use for marketing? How frequently do you market and advertise? How frequently do people come to check it out? You might need to refresh your marketing and advertising to get better results.

Create a proper marketing and advertising plan to achieve sales. Try using videos to show case the best qualities of the house. Use social media well…Seek advice and talk to agents. If possible work with a team,get real estate marketers to help you sell.

Try these tactics and I’m sure you would be selling soon.

Let me know your thoughts.

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