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Content Marketing [Video]

The only real, converting type of marketing left is Content Marketing.

Marketing with valuable content is a win-win for your company and your customers – your potential clients get the information they require and you get to demonstrate your expertise and usefulness. Valuable content will help you sell. It helps your ideal clients find you and makes it easier for them to buy from you.The idea is to start a conversation that will get you sales eventually but the conversation is not started with asking for sales but rather providing value.

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5 Things that can help you get Clients on Twitter

No clients from Twitter? No problem. Try doing the following:

1. Have a Great Profile

Try to look as good as the person your client is looking for.

If you know your client well you know what they expect you can become what they expect.

Write your profile using the words that answer the questions of your market. People are looking for answers let your profile tell them you have what they are looking for.

Use great pictures for your profile. Well taken photos that show your face are great in helping people identify and remember you.

If you are a company or brand use your logo.

2. Tweet Frequently

Tweet everyday especially when your clients are online. Find out when your audience or market is online. Be where they are so you can have those conversations.

Use the right key words and hashtags that relate to the subject being talked about.

3. Participate in Twitter chats:

Twitter chat is a public Twitter conversation around one unique hashtag. This hashtag allows you to follow the discussion and participate in it. Twitter chats are usually recurring and on specific topics to regularly connect people with these interests.

Participating in this exposes you. Participate in the chats related to your niche and where your customers or audience would likely be too.

4. Respond to Everything. Social Media is about people. Talk to them. Answer questions. Respond to comments. Thank new followers. Follow back if you want. Talk to people. Find a way to improve relationships. The more conversations you have the better your exposure. Ask more questions in order to get the real problems your audience really have and deal with it.

5. Follow the Big Guys in your Industry.

Every industry has their big guns. They have the market and followers. They have the audience you want. Follow them and Build a relationship both with them and their followers who you are interested in.
Create a relationship first, sell later.

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3 Steps to Get Leads on LinkedIn

We hear a lot about leads and more leads. People tell stories how they got clients from different social media platforms and all that. Today I would like to share my own story of how I get leads on LinkedIn. I had Facebook Live video where I described this you can watch here : Facebook.com/TheoracleVA/videos

Here it goes…

1. Take note of those checking your profile, try to improve your KLT(know, like and trust) factor.

When you get notifications from LinkedIn that your profile has been viewed, what do you do? How Important is this information to you?

For me it tells me:

– I’m attracting attention.
– that there’s something about me that interests someone or other people.
– They are interested in what I’m offering or probably have.

It’s not enough to get this notifications… You have to make them count. Don’t let LinkedIn down. Convert these people.

This is how to convert your profile visitors

Go to the profile of the visitor. Find enough information about the person, read their posts, check out their updates, see what they are interested in e.t.c

Doing this will help me package my offer to the person when we start the conversation. It should help you do the same too. You need to know the person and so you can build him or her to take action.

When you finally get in touch, you already have something of interest to talk about from your research on the person.

Break the communication barrier.

Don’t start with trying to sell something. I repeat don’t start with trying to SELL. Give this new relationship time to grow.

Build your KLT- know, like and trust factor then it becomes easy to sell. You can offer services for free in the beginning. Later on you can ask to be paid.

2. Be active on LinkedIn. Take note of your friends updates and that of their friends.

Pay attention to what’s happening in your niche and network. When you notice something interesting get in touch and try to build a relationship as we have talked about above.

Do this frequently. If you have an E book give it out. It improves your relationship and grows your authority.

3. Participate in LinkedIn groups: Be where your market is and your customers are. Listen to issues people have in the group. Continue to work on building more relationships again using the steps already mentioned above.

Relationships first. Sell after.

I hope this helps. Would love to know your thoughts on this. Any questions just ask me.

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You can watch the videos here

[Video]: 5 Ways I get Clients on Twitter

Businesses only survive if there is a steady stream of clients. How do you generate this stream from Social media? This video tells how I do it on Twitter and how you can too.

To watch click here

[Video]: 3 simple ways I get leads on Linkedin

Everywhere you look, you see articles about social media tactics, tips and strategies you can use to get more traffic or leads for your business. Here is a video on how I do mine on Linkedin. It was recorded live.

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[Video]: 9 Things to Work on to improve your Social Media Strategy in 2017

Designing an effective social media strategy to help you achieve your goals can be a real challenge. In this video post, I share a few things that can help in 2017. Things you can use to make sure your social media marketing efforts are headed in the right direction and having the biggest and right impact.

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The 33 Strategies of Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. If you use it correctly, you can create a strong personal connection with your prospective customers and sell to them quite easily. However, marketers often make the mistake of diving into social media without a clear plan. To benefit from social media, you need to build a clear strategy that takes into account what you’re trying to achieve, who your customers are and what your competition is doing… All these and more are what The Ebook ‘The Oracle’s 33 Strategies of Social media’ by Victor Anyanwu covers.

After downloading and reading, you would be armed with tools to grow your social media followers, attract customers, improve online reputation, grow brand influence and affinity and also be able to achieve other Objectives.

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The 33 strategies of Social Media War

Black Friday Sales: How to take advantage and Sell with Social Media

The date changes every year but it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. This year’s Black Friday falls on November 25, 2016.

Stores use this date to attract customers with discounts and promotions on various items truly comes to life with online shopping. On e-commerce sites, special sales don’t just stop on Friday, but continue through the weekend till Cyber Monday, a day dedicated to discounts on electronics and technology.

Facebook alone had 240% more referral traffic on Cyber Monday compared to the rest of the year! We think it’s safe to say that brainstorming social media marketing tactics to tie in with these shopping extravaganzas should be at the top of your to-do list for your small business!

According to a survey by Comscore, in 2015 users spent about 11 billion dollars online in just about 4 days, showing an increase of around 15% year on year. Can you imagine that? What does this mean to you? It means that every business person must prepare strategies to apply to their business. Be creative. Be visual. Your message should be interesting and straight to the point. Here’s how to tap into this shopping frenzy and get the most benefit from it.

Instagram: Give your Facebook advertising campaigns a boost by selecting Instagram as a placement for your campaigns. Also be sure to use appropriate hashtags ( most common and most important this time is #BlackFriday) and post frequently to increase the reach of your content. Think conversions, have a great call to actions.

Twitter: While many in the tech sector are down on Twitter lately, it can still prove to be an effective platform for both brand development and lead generation. [Tweet “Convert users talking about your products into customers and capture more traffic with Twitter ads”]. Promoted Tweets are more expensive than Facebook ads, but it can be extremely profitable if you want to remarket to existing users and custom audiences.

Pinterest: A powerful platform in the ecommerce world, Pinterest has truly become a unique platform for both social media & organic search. Optimize your pins for search within Pinterest and externally (Google & Bing). Give your campaigns an extra boost with Pinterest ads and promote specific products you want to push during the sales weekend.

LinkedIn: It may seem dry, uninteresting and unorthodox but LinkedIn can be awesome too. Consider LinkedIn as a vehicle for marketing during this period of time, but it makes perfect sense in the B2B realm. Offer discounts and advertise exclusive promotions to targeted prospects via InMail campaigns. It’s time to put that LinkedIn Premium membership to use.

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Facebook:  Still the king of the social media world, [Tweet “Facebook should be the focal point of your social media marketing plan this upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday”]. Not only does it have the largest reach of all social media platforms, but it has the most robust advertising suite and targeting options. Use this to your advantage and create a myriad of campaigns, while at the same time remarketing to both your site’s traffic and email lists using the website custom audience tool.

Facebook Ads, positioning and targeting: Market to people that “Like” relevant other brands. Lookalike audience (using the custom audience tool again these are lookalikes of your mailing list – they equally could have been fan lookalikes) and of course Facebook will often surface messages about new likes and shares of ads to friends’ newsfeeds

Pay attention to Age and geographic location – every ad should focus on targeting those individuals more likely to respond.

Right hand ads don’t work as much as desktop newsfeed and mobile newsfeed.

For Africans, its basically a mobile only market. Mobile ads are really working at the moment, a focus on mobile is essential.

[Tweet “Have you heard of Facebook Offers?”] They are massively under utilised so are quite a novel item for users in newsfeed. Reach is not too shabby and it’s easy to add a little ad budget to them to further extend their reach. The other very nice thing with Offers is that they are a lot stickier in terms of viral reach because Facebook surfaces messages about offer claims in friends’ newsfeed and also asks the user if, having clicked on the offer, they want to share it. And the other great thing about Offers is that Facebook emails your offer to those who click on it plus sends another reminder email just before the offer expires. Cool right?

I hope this helps you…Read, Strategize and Conquer.

If You would like me to rework your social Media strategy kindly email : TheOracle@vycade.com


From Prospect to customer


You go for a function and you notice this beautiful lady that you like and have been trying to get close to for a long time. You see her and you feel this is your chance. You walk across the room to her to start up a conversation. After the pleasantries you start. As the discussion continues, another man walks across to you guys and she introduces him as her husband. Your heart sinks.

You compare the man to yourself… He is tall, you are short. He is well built, you are pot – bellied. He is extremely dark in complexion, you are light skinned. You like the woman and you would have wanted more than just to be her friend but she is already spoken for. Prospecting is just like this.

You know how she looks, sounds and walks like. You know where she works and where she hangs out. [Tweet “Just as you look for the woman of your dreams, you also look for the client of your business dreams”] The client that your business has solutions for…that would most likely need your product. Do you know how they sound, look, or walk. Do you know where they work or hang out?

You feel she is the woman of your dreams but you also have to make sure you are the man of her dreams if not no deal. The prospect already knows what they want. If it doesn’t agree with what you are offering no deal.[Tweet “To convert prospects to customers Your prospect has to feel you are what they need right now”] You have to answer those internal questions they might not ask you.

Even Jesus Christ knew who he was sent to “… the lost sheep of Israel” It wasn’t easy but it was worth it. Proper prospecting is not easy but the results are always better and more rewarding. It’s alot better than shooting blanks. [Tweet “You have to know who your business is supposed to help and then go after them.”] A prospect is someone that fits your customer description, needs your offer and will most likely be able to pay for your offer. If they do not have this 3 characteristics they are not going to become customers.

Action Point: [Tweet “Know your prospect. Know those who would most likely to pay for your offer”] Social media can help you know more about your prospect so you can market to them better. Do a proper client/prospect analysis and then target them with all you know about them. Where they live, how much they earn, the type of work they do etc. With the current list of customers you have you can generate another set of prospects. Just upload the list to Facebook and find/create similar audiences or prospects to your customers and market to them too. They would convert easily.

Prospecting is a very important part of the customer acquisition process. Many fail to do this either because they are lazy, they would rather just continue in their regular way that yields no result or they do not know about this. If you do this more often you would stop trying to sell snow to the Eskimo, which is more difficult and start selling butter to the person that has bread – which is a lot easier. You would begin to close more deals and have less headaches and bad dreams.

[Tweet “Remember Strategies win battles not weapons.”]

Let me know your thoughts.

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]I am a Business & Healthcare Social Media Strategist. I manage Social Media accounts & help people use social media profitably to attract prospects and convert them to paying customers growing businesses to 6 or 7.[/author_info] [/author]

Social Media For Real Estate


This is a long post of how I use Social Media for real estate accounts that I manage. Just a few tips. I first posted this in a closed facebook group for social business that I manage.  To get in Click SocialmediaSWAT 

First read my 20 Social Media Tactics and then read my post on Social Media and Fashion‬ ( I tried not to repeat things I have already mentioned in previous posts) then you are ready to continue with this…

You need to know and understand your real estate onions first before your practice this. Understand that the industry is location specific. what works in kuala lumpur might be slightly different from what works in abu dhabi. But the basic principles of real estate marketing and creating good experiences are the same. So here we go.

One thing I have noticed in this industry is that many times everyone is trying to sell the same property. So you can do a little competitor analysis.

[Tweet “-What social channels are your clients and prospects using?”]
-What social channels are your competitors using?
-What type of content are your competitors posting?
-What level of engagement are your competitors getting?
-What tone of voice are your competitors using?

The goal is not to be louder than the competition on social media – [Tweet “the goal is to BE more social, more engaging,”] offering something better that would help you win more. Keep it real and talk like a human.

If competition is too much you might need to differentiate and go into a particular niche.

1. Have a Content Strategy
Ask yourself, ‘what type of content would be most relevant for my brand, for my audience and where am I going to get that content?’ Next, create a content grid or editorial calendar where you can map out topics you plan to post about over the next 30-60 days. Curate content by using Google Alerts or by creating specific lists on Twitter for specific types of content you’d like to re-tweet or re-post.

Remember to create and use local content. Show photos of the areas around your clients or around where the property is. If there are great attractions at the site , show it.

1B . Post frequently. [Tweet “Use the 80-20 rule for posting.”] Post 80% helpful and valuable posts for your audience and 20% post about yourself and your business.

2. Use Ads
Facebook’s Ad Platform allows you to create custom audiences to market and re-target this content to the following audiences:

People who have visited specific pages of your website up to 180 days ago.
People on your email database who fit the target market description.
People in or around specific suburbs you service who are interested in certain lifestyle interests or who fit a certain age group and demographic description.
A “Lookalike” audience can also be created whereby Facebook will find similar people to those in your above custom audiences.

FB ads + Email marketing is an awesome combo.

When using facebook or other social media platforms Tag well, especially those you know are already interested in real estate, use locations well too

3. Get leads to market to.
Give out irresistible great offers for free and then use it to capture leads of people interested in real estate. Market to these people, invite them to join you on your social media platforms. Create a newsletter for them, Give them freebies and communicate frequently with them. Be their friend. Selling is about relationships. Offer them exclusives.

4. Use photos and videos: Give a virtual Tour
Your clients’ time is precious, and they want to understand as much as possible about a property prior to visiting in person. Virtual tours are a great way to give a comprehensive, accurate preview of the property for potential buyers.

I do this with my samsung galaxy s5. Apps like Flipagram and Magisto can help you turn your great photos into slideshows or video.

5. Use Emotional Storytelling.
[Tweet “Utilize emotional storytelling with compelling copy and powerful visual elements.”] People respond to stories – tell a good one. Talk about a client’s need and how you satisfied it, show pictures of the happy couple and their baby ( this is classic) and clients will flock to you.

6. Get Known, Liked and Trusted
Trust is a big issue in this business…Testimonials are tremendous trust signals. Showing that real, live people endorse your services means the world to potential clients.

When a client has had a great experience with you, reach out to them and ask for a testimonial. If possible, try to get a photo of them as well. Make the most of these testimonials by placing them strategically on your website and sharing them now and then on social networks. Facebook pages has an area for testimonials.

7. Incentivize Your clients.
Provide incentives for past clients to refer you to future ones if possible have an affiliate marketing system.

8. Connect with Industry leaders
This is quite important to improve your trust quotient. Connect with them on platforms like Linkedin and share and comment on their posts providing real value to boost your visibility and relationship.

Remember Strategy wins battles not Weapons.

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]I am a Business & Healthcare Social Media Strategist. I manage Social Media accounts & help people use social media profitably to attract prospects and convert them to paying customers growing businesses to 6 or 7.[/author_info] [/author]

Social Media for Fashion



1. Know what you want.

Decide what you want to achieve with social media.
Whether it’s building a relationship with your audience, or creating a friendly platform on which you can interact with your customers, or raising awareness about your brand. The goals must be set straight if you want to take things to the next level. [Tweet “First identify your goals and objectives,”] then move to step 2.

2. Decide the best platforms for your business
There are over 400 social media platforms currently active, and it is humanly impossible to be on all of them. What platforms do you think would be more beneficial for your business? Instagram and Pinterest take a visually appealing approach.

To deploy each social media platform to best effect, [Tweet “First identify your goals and objectives,”] understand the different audience on each and tailor your message. Do your research and study the benefits of each of these platforms, then pick the best three to focus on for your business.

3. Timing and Trends
Preparedness + opportunity leads to success. That applies to social media too. Here, opportunity is a function of time, and posting the right content at the right time could make all the difference. For Facebook, 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. results in the highest average click (lunch time). Just look at your analytics to determine the best time for you and your audience.Posting at such times would most likely bring better results.

Fashion is all about whats trending. Watch the trends and key in to ride it.fashionable-social-media-blog-post-graphic

4. Know what they want and give it to them
Once you provide your audience with what they want, they’ll stick around and even tell others about you. Take time to study the kind of posts they react to. Which ones do they comment on the most? Which ones get the most likes? What other social media pages do they engage on constantly? Yes, this sounds like a lot of work, and trust me it works. However, remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Take one step at a time and eventually you’ll get there.

5. Connect
[Tweet “Everything relating to your brand should be interconnected.”] Create a website and add your website link to your social media profiles. Connect all your social media and online assets. Occasionally share that link with your audience to serve as reminder. When people see something often they won’t forget it. This, however, doesn’t mean spam your audience with links as many so-called strategists do.

6. Be real, Be Human, Be Yourself.
Connecting with your followers on that personal level is part of what gives you their attention when you have something to say about your brand. People like real vulnerable yet larger than life people.

7. Have a strategy
It comes down to the companies goals, and the needs of their audience. One key strategy for Fashion Brands is for you to be extremely visual. Pictures are worth ‘1000’ words. Take photos of folks wearing your brand. Collect data, network and engage, ask for feedback on current and future products and services.

Try to understand the lifestyle of a person who would use your clothes and tell their story. Target a clear customer and tell a story that appeals to that person and others.

A comprehensive strategy helps both the business and customers.If your current strategy isn’t working, restrategise.

8. Offer benefits
Everyone likes freebies in every shape and form. Giveaways, special offers, and discounts will get people to notice your brand. Have a plan on how these can improve your business, help you grow, or increase audience interaction and participation. In order to create a win-win situation, always keep in mind how everything you do can be beneficial to your brand.

9. CTA

Call to actions, CTA are very important in a post. It tells the reader to do something you want. It could be to buy something or sign up for something. Lead your readers somewhere.

10. Hashtags 

Use relevant hashtags in your posts. This would improve your post visibility and findability leading to more likes or comment as well as sales if that was the intention. Don’t use so many of them. Use hugely well-known ones.

11. Images

[Tweet “One photo is worth an encyclopedia of words.”] Use great images of your fashion wares. The best photos you can find. It’s always better to show them being worn by someone. People connect more with people. People love photos. This could improve your site or page traffic and in the end your fashion business income.

12. Make Buying Easy

[Tweet “Make it easy for your clients to buy from you.”] Do you have a purchase link? Put it out. Make it stand out and easy for them to find. Many times people loose sales because the would-be buyers can not find where they have to click or go to make the purchase.

Last lines…

– Post Daily
– Create Micro Content
– Be Creative
– Experiment
– Make it easy for people to share your content
– Follow others. Share their work and posts.

As you do this you would get inquiries about the product on display…and it would be a lot easier to sell them.

You can ask your questions…

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]I am a Business & Healthcare Social Media Strategist. I manage Social Media accounts & help people use social media profitably to attract prospects and convert them to paying customers growing businesses to 6 or 7 Figures.[/author_info] [/author]

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What is Social Selling?

social selling

What is Social selling? What does it mean when you say You sell on Social Media? Just putting up a product photo on your timeline with a price tag and hoping to see your bank credit alerts is like stopping someone on the road, giving him your product and expecting to get paid.

So many people claim to do Social selling but they actually do what I described above. They do products pushing and then wonder why people refuse to buy. Then they claim the social selling practice does not work. How wrong can you be.

Social selling actually works but not in the way you expect. It is actually an indirect sales channel not direct. So if you don’t understand it and what the outcomes may be, you would be disappointed.

The key to social selling is not selling itself but being social that is why it is ‘social selling’ not ‘selling social’. First be social and then sell not the other way around. But what many of us do is we sell first and then try to be social thereafter. Wrong!

Social selling is about helping people. So Attract them, Engage them, and then Convert them. It’s about asking people who Know, Like or Trust you to buy their solutions from you. It’s about seeking connections first before you seek for transactions. It is about listening to pains, needs and wants and then providing value to satisfy them. It is not about Products Pushing. No it isn’t.

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