“I hate KFB. Kindly Follow back, please. Why should I? I follow value. Would you follow someone if he or she has no photo on Twitter, No bio, has no message that is relevant to you? Fix all these things, provide value and your followers will increase”

That was my response to someone. Who wanted me to follow her account that had nothing to follow about it. On looking at her timeline I saw she had followed Kanye, Kim kardashian, Obama and was telling all of them to KFB. Unfortunately no one did. She had a few followers though who looked like her with no photos too and probably from the same village because they had similar names…

Well that aside, I have 18,000 followers on Twitter www.Twitter.com/vycadetheoracle . Would you love to grow your Twitter following?

Take My advice, take my friend’s advice also. @madalynsklar says

1. Tweet every day. Be out there. Schedule posts if you have to. Be in their face all the time providing value.

2. Participate in Twitter Chats. Be where the conversion is. Our #SWATChat will be every Wednesday from November.

3. Check Twitter notifications and respond to every thing. That’s the way to keep the conversion going.

4. Use advanced Twitter search. Advanced search is available when you’re logged in to twitter.com. It allows you to tailor search results to specific date ranges, people and more. This makes it easier to find specific Tweets.

5. Use Twitter lists. A list is a curated group of Twitter accounts. You can create your own lists or subscribe to lists created by others. I use this alot.

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6. Engage. Engage. Engage.

Social Media is about communication. Talking. Listening. Engaging.

What I added…

7. If you happen to come across a profile like yours, be honest, Would you follow you? Have an awesome profile. Great photo and bio. Be the type of person your brand audience would love to follow.

8. Use right the key words relevant to your brand and industry so when people search for those words it would bring them to you. If you are in Banking use Bank, Name of your bank, Finance, Personal or public finance etc as keywords in your profile or timeline.

9. Use HashTags when you tweet. Relevant and popular ones get more results.

10. Follow others and ReTweet their content. Share stuff from other people you love. They would return the favour.

11. Follow followers of your top industry influencers a good number would follow you back as long as you look and sound like some one who would provide the type of content they value.

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