You get visitors on your Social media and web pages, right?

SO when they come, read your posts, like and comment, then what?

What do you do with all that visitor traffic?

Look at your analytics, how many people visit you daily, weekly, monthly?

How do you turn them to buyers?

Here is my advice…

1. Content Hack
Stop producing content for yourself. Your COntent is for your audience.
Talk in the language of your audience. Use the words they will understand or are used to.
If possible, Use the local terms for people to understand.
Once you understand content is not for you but for them you’ll create more content that would make them visit your page. This increases the possibility of you converting them.

2. Emotion plays a major role.
Communicate from the bottom of your heart. Posting on Social Media should be like having a conversation because that’s what it is – a conversation. Solve problems. Talk about something people are dealing with. Be Real. People can tell when what your communication is Real or Fake. Talk from the depth of your heart.

The type of content that will go viral is Emotional content. Content that connects with the heart, not the head. You can use emotions to your advantage…your posts can pushup different emotions like frustration, anger, embarrassment, delight etc and these can lead to some serious discussions.

3. Social Proof

This describes a psychological and social phenomenon wherein people copy the actions of others in an attempt to undertake behaviour in a given situation. Smart marketers know that social proof is the marketing tactic for easing the minds of worried customers.
Getting testimonials is social Proof. People see others who have used your products or services and tend to trust you more or believe that since you have done for others so you can probably do for them.
The number of followers interacting and telling people how happy they are working with you is also social Proof. It could also be a celebrity appraisal, a referral, Facebook review/recommendations, LinkedIn recommendation. etc

People want to make sure you’re the real deal before doing business with you. Social Proof makes it very easy to get that trust.

4. Give your audience Fish. Your fish is that thing that will attract your audience.  This could be a cheat sheet, a free webinar, free tools etc.  Attract them with great big fish (value). Once you have their attention it is very possible to convert them. People who consume your valuable Fish will most probably buy from you.

5. Scarcity principle: This psychological principle of persuasion coined by Dr. Robert Cialdini means the rarer or more difficult to obtain a product, offer, or piece of content is, the more valuable it becomes. Because we think the product will soon be unavailable to us, we’re more likely to buy it than if there were no impression of scarcity.

People act faster when they know things are scarce. Learn to use the scarcity principle. Let people know your product will not last forever.

If you’ve done all these. Here’s the last one.

6. Call To Action: Tell people what you want them to do. Call or dm you? You want a comment, share or like? Say it. If you provide a link you want them to click on, indicate with ” please click here”. Many posts are made with people not knowing what steps to take after reading. Don’t waste this opportunity. Show them where to go.

These steps can help you get exposure and get more conversion. Try it and let me know how it goes.


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