You get your image, your write up mix it well with hashtags then set up your ads after posting and ‘Facebook says ad in Review’.

30 minutes after…The ad is still in Review. Almost an hour or two later..the Ad is Not Approved!

What did you do wrong?

Did you step on Wrong Toes?

Any Facebook or Instagram advert that goes against Facebook’s terms will not be approved. You need to know these terms. Sometimes an advert without issues can be disapproved while one which should be disapproved would be approved. This happens because of AI that Facebook uses. You can appeal this after thoroughly checking to make sure you have a good case. Below I posted the policy overview from Facebook’s Ads Policy page. To see full policy click here

Facebook Advert Overview

Understanding Our Policies: Our Advertising Policies provide guidance on what types of ad content are allowed. When advertisers place an order, each ad is reviewed against these policies. If you think your ad was mistakenly disapproved, please let us know.

Common Points of Confusion: To help you build a compliant and user-friendly ads experience we’ve highlighted some common areas of confusion. Click the links below to learn more about each policy:

  1. Personal Attributes
  2. Sexually Suggestive Content
  3. Facebook’s Brands

In this video I deal with the 6 things that can affect your Facebook and Instagram Ads approval and what you should do about them . Watch and tell me what you think.

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