You have been trying to make some money from Facebook and Instagram marketing…you make posts but the algorithm, your village people and other spiritual forces are against you.

You follow one social media person online, they tell you organic post is dead that the best way now is to run ads. No wahala. You try to create ads, you do all you need to do only for your ads to misbehave and under perform.

Hmmm….what is going on here? You scream!

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Major Problem with Ads Delivery and Result

One major problem that affects Facebook / Instagram ads delivery and result is the audience you use. Your Facebook / Instagram Advert Audience should be made up of those that actually want your product or are very interested. If you get real targeted people interested in buying your products, your ads performance can improve significantly.

So what audience should you create?

1. All of your Website visitors: Anyone who visits your site is a potential customer. Create an audience of these people.

2. Website visitors of a certain page on your website or category of pages eg sign up page

3. Website visitors of people who have spent a certain time on your site

4. People who have viewed more than 10 seconds (or maybe 25% or 50%) of your videos or a group of videos. I even do 3 seconds, hahahahahaha but 10 Sec is good.

5. All of your email subscribers: This is absolutely important. They are a major group.

6. Customers who have purchased multiple times from you. They love you. Get their details and create an audience too.

7. People who have engaged ( liked, commented or shared your content) with your Facebook or Instagram Page.

There are other types of custome audiences to create but let’s start here first.

For every custom audience created please create a Lookalike Audience. This means cloning your existing audience. This would give another set of people who look like / have an online behaviour just like the custom audience you just created.

Facebook pixel will continuously update site visitors so you can target more recent ones. You can also update your email list custom audience regularly all these will make sure you get fresh people who would see your ads when you run them and most probably buy from you. The plan is to convert as many people as possible who come in contact with your content to buy from you

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