Victor Anyanwu

Hey, I’m The Social Media Oracle

10 years ago I looked at a company’s social media page and advised some changes that would improve their message and convert better, they invited me to come do it myself…3 years later I had done it and won 3 awards with the brand in the process…

That was how I got into the Social media world. Today more than 122 months later many hospitals, companies and brands are happy I work with them.

I have worked with over 50 companies across different sectors handling Social media Marketing and Management, Online Marketing, Digital Marketing, Website creation and Management SEO, SEM, Facebook and Google Ads etc

As a thought leader and trainer I am the convener of She-Digital Summit, Crush Your Competition Training, Social Media Strategies Weapons And Tactics ( SWAT) Summit. I have been involved in The Covenant Nation training for Social media unit, Harvester’s Skill Acquisition Programme and many other events.

Whether you’re a Small Business Owner, Tech Professional, Social Media Entrepreneur, Consultant or Coach, Big Business Owner, Healthcare Professional, Agric Entrepreneur, Fashion Business owner, etc I can help you achieve your dreams.

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Steve Harris Endorsing Victor Anyanwu, The Social Media Oracle

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IMAGINE… More Awareness, More Engagement, More Clients, More Revenue…That’s what we guarantee.

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