I am a social media consultant and strategist.I lead the Creative and Strategy unit of swat agency, Social Media unit of the parent firm, The Vycade Company.

Individuals and businesses want to increase income, cut cost, connect and engage with customers, stand out, grow their brands and market share. They dream and have a vision of becoming that dream. With Social media I bring all your dreams to life.

I developed and use The Oracle Advantage System (OAS) which gives the advantage to my clients. They get noticed and heard.They Attract, Connect, Engage and convert visitors to customers. I help them grow their brands, and dominate their area of specialty with ease.

What I can do for you

As a business and healthcare strategist, I help brands use social media profitably to grow their Businesses. I can help your create a social media strategies for your brand?

What do I do?

Social Media & Online Reputation Management

Are you really using social media to your advantage? You need social media and you need it done well. That is where we come in. Like it or not everyday another competitors uses social media to capture your customers but we can help you get them back and get you new ones.

Our services will increase followers:
A. Add higher visibility, credibility and traction online.
B. Increase local national and international audiences
C. Penetrate your target market.
D. Position you ahead of your competition: increase quality of referrals and incoming calls. Increase leads and traffic to your website/door.
E. Enhance customer service/ engagement
G. Develop key relationship that builds businesses.
H. Generate invitation for speaking engagement, sermon and endoresrment.
I. Increase valuable online relationships.