The date changes every year but it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. This year’s Black Friday falls on November 25, 2016.

Stores use this date to attract customers with discounts and promotions on various items truly comes to life with online shopping. On e-commerce sites, special sales don’t just stop on Friday, but continue through the weekend till Cyber Monday, a day dedicated to discounts on electronics and technology.

Facebook alone had 240% more referral traffic on Cyber Monday compared to the rest of the year! We think it’s safe to say that brainstorming social media marketing tactics to tie in with these shopping extravaganzas should be at the top of your to-do list for your small business!

According to a survey by Comscore, in 2015 users spent about 11 billion dollars online in just about 4 days, showing an increase of around 15% year on year. Can you imagine that? What does this mean to you? It means that every business person must prepare strategies to apply to their business. Be creative. Be visual. Your message should be interesting and straight to the point. Here’s how to tap into this shopping frenzy and get the most benefit from it.

Instagram: Give your Facebook advertising campaigns a boost by selecting Instagram as a placement for your campaigns. Also be sure to use appropriate hashtags ( most common and most important this time is #BlackFriday) and post frequently to increase the reach of your content. Think conversions, have a great call to actions.

Twitter: While many in the tech sector are down on Twitter lately, it can still prove to be an effective platform for both brand development and lead generation. [Tweet “Convert users talking about your products into customers and capture more traffic with Twitter ads”]. Promoted Tweets are more expensive than Facebook ads, but it can be extremely profitable if you want to remarket to existing users and custom audiences.

Pinterest: A powerful platform in the ecommerce world, Pinterest has truly become a unique platform for both social media & organic search. Optimize your pins for search within Pinterest and externally (Google & Bing). Give your campaigns an extra boost with Pinterest ads and promote specific products you want to push during the sales weekend.

LinkedIn: It may seem dry, uninteresting and unorthodox but LinkedIn can be awesome too. Consider LinkedIn as a vehicle for marketing during this period of time, but it makes perfect sense in the B2B realm. Offer discounts and advertise exclusive promotions to targeted prospects via InMail campaigns. It’s time to put that LinkedIn Premium membership to use.

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Facebook:  Still the king of the social media world, [Tweet “Facebook should be the focal point of your social media marketing plan this upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday”]. Not only does it have the largest reach of all social media platforms, but it has the most robust advertising suite and targeting options. Use this to your advantage and create a myriad of campaigns, while at the same time remarketing to both your site’s traffic and email lists using the website custom audience tool.

Facebook Ads, positioning and targeting: Market to people that “Like” relevant other brands. Lookalike audience (using the custom audience tool again these are lookalikes of your mailing list – they equally could have been fan lookalikes) and of course Facebook will often surface messages about new likes and shares of ads to friends’ newsfeeds

Pay attention to Age and geographic location – every ad should focus on targeting those individuals more likely to respond.

Right hand ads don’t work as much as desktop newsfeed and mobile newsfeed.

For Africans, its basically a mobile only market. Mobile ads are really working at the moment, a focus on mobile is essential.

[Tweet “Have you heard of Facebook Offers?”] They are massively under utilised so are quite a novel item for users in newsfeed. Reach is not too shabby and it’s easy to add a little ad budget to them to further extend their reach. The other very nice thing with Offers is that they are a lot stickier in terms of viral reach because Facebook surfaces messages about offer claims in friends’ newsfeed and also asks the user if, having clicked on the offer, they want to share it. And the other great thing about Offers is that Facebook emails your offer to those who click on it plus sends another reminder email just before the offer expires. Cool right?

I hope this helps you…Read, Strategize and Conquer.

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