how to do social media like Jesus

Easter is a time for sober reflection, mixed feelings and finally Joy. On good Friday, You remember the price Jesus Christ paid and it can be painful to read all he went through but then on Easter Sunday you hear of the resurrection and you celebrate…

[Tweet “I believe Jesus is the best social media strategist”]. How did he grow His followers and influence? Why do people follow people? Why did people follow Jesus? What can we learn from Him?

10 Ways to Attract Followers like Jesus

1. Jesus was loving. He accepted anyone and everyone. [Tweet “Love attracts people. Love your audience.”] Truly love them and they would bring others.

2. Jesus was always giving. He met people’s needs. Always asked what do you want me to do for you? Always give to your audience and they would tell others.

3. Jesus genuinely cared about people. [Tweet “You can’t fake Care. Do you really care about your audience?”] Show them you do.

4. [Tweet “Jesus taught in practical visual ways using stories.”] Help people with solutions they can connect with. Show them. Be visual. Understanding comes better when people see.

5. Jesus spoke from their perspective, he began with their needs, their hurts and interest. Know your audience and talk from their perspective. Find out what keeps them awake at night. Provide answers to these.

6. Jesus always asked people to share. Disciples shared food and gospel with the crowd. [Tweet “Share freely with your audience”] and ask them to share as they have received.

7. Jesus knew his audience. He knew those he was called to. “…the lost sheep of Israel”. Who are you and who are you called to?

8. Jesus had a strong message.[Tweet “What’s your message?”] What’s your calling? Find it and share it.

9. Jesus built a community around his message. The 12 disciples first members of the community helped push the message even after his death and resurrection. Build a following around your message. Someone must believe in you and your message.

10. Jesus had a goal. He knew what he wanted to achieve. But he was many things to different people. To some a friend, a miracle worker, a provider, an advisor, a consultant etc. He came to actually help people. To answer their questions, to give hope, to provide for them, to be a listening ear, to be a real friend, to show them who they really were and reconcile them to God.

What’s your goal? What are you called to do? What do you want to achieve? Focus on it. Achieve it.

[Tweet “Jesus was Known, Liked and Trusted.”] He had people following him all over. People even willing to fight and die for him all because he followed these 10 steps… do these and your influence and following will grow.

Remember, Strategies Win Battles Not Weapons.