Why Your House is not yet sold and what to do about it.


“I have a property I have been trying to sell and I have done everything possible and yet haven’t been able to get any sale. What could be the reason?”, Kasali said.

Is this your situation? Then today is your day of Salvation.

Why is your property not getting any attention or being sold? There’s nothing more frustrating than having a property that is just sitting there without sale, gathering dust. The reasons are many why you haven’t had a sale. You might be overlooking something or you may have failed to do something. It may also just be a slow or down market. So, which is it?

If your property has been on the market for a long time without a bid or sale it could be due to the following and here’s what to do about it.

1. Your House Looks terrible: Who would buy a terrible, ugly looking house? The roof is falling apart, the tiles and sink in the kitchen and toilet are all broken or not available. Would you buy a house that looks like that? Well, you might if the price is really low. But if it’s priced appropriately but looks terrible, It’s important to do a little work it. Paint it, fix, make it look good and package it like a product. Everyone loves something that looks great, make your house look great and you would probably get it sold soon.

2. House priced Too high: You might say I have a great looking house yet it has been available for too long without a sale. What could be the problem? Could it be that it’s not selling because it’s over priced? Do a comparison and try to price appropriately.

Could it be that it’s not selling because it’s over priced? Do a comparison, find out if it’s over priced and if it is try to price appropriately and represent to the market. You just might get it sold.

3. Poor Marketing and Advertising: No one would buy a product they do not know is available. How many people have heard of your property? How many people have come to check it? What platforms do you use for marketing? How frequently do you market and advertise? How frequently do people come to check it out? You might need to refresh your marketing and advertising to get better results.

Create a proper marketing and advertising plan to achieve sales. Try using videos to show case the best qualities of the house. Use social media well…Seek advice and talk to agents. If possible work with a team,get real estate marketers to help you sell.

Try these tactics and I’m sure you would be selling soon.

Let me know your thoughts.