Your Facebook Ad account has been disabled. You can no longer run Ads.

Help! Facebook has blocked me.

They have blocked my Advert Account.

Does this sound Familiar?

Facebook banning/blocking/disabling your ads or ads account or ads manager is frustrating and annoying.  Plain and simple. I get these complaints from people all the time. But then what do you do when this happens?

What do you need to do before it happens so even if it happens you are covered?

First things first. The most important question: ‘What is the issue?’ Find out what caused your ads account to be disabled in the first place so that you can make an appeal and get it  back.

However, while this is happening, what happens to your business? Do you go MIA on your audience and customers? The truth is you really shouldn’t go missing on social media if you are an advertiser or content creator.

Find out exactly what you can do to ensure that your audience/customers don’t miss out on your awesomeness even when things go south with Facebook. Business doesn’t have to come to a grinding halt. Resolving ban issues can take forever but there is a way out.

Watch the video and see what I advise

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