You go for a function and you notice this beautiful lady that you like and have been trying to get close to for a long time. You see her and you feel this is your chance. You walk across the room to her to start up a conversation. After the pleasantries you start. As the discussion continues, another man walks across to you guys and she introduces him as her husband. Your heart sinks.

You compare the man to yourself… He is tall, you are short. He is well built, you are pot – bellied. He is extremely dark in complexion, you are light skinned. You like the woman and you would have wanted more than just to be her friend but she is already spoken for. Prospecting is just like this.

You know how she looks, sounds and walks like. You know where she works and where she hangs out. [Tweet “Just as you look for the woman of your dreams, you also look for the client of your business dreams”] The client that your business has solutions for…that would most likely need your product. Do you know how they sound, look, or walk. Do you know where they work or hang out?

You feel she is the woman of your dreams but you also have to make sure you are the man of her dreams if not no deal. The prospect already knows what they want. If it doesn’t agree with what you are offering no deal.[Tweet “To convert prospects to customers Your prospect has to feel you are what they need right now”] You have to answer those internal questions they might not ask you.

Even Jesus Christ knew who he was sent to “… the lost sheep of Israel” It wasn’t easy but it was worth it. Proper prospecting is not easy but the results are always better and more rewarding. It’s alot better than shooting blanks. [Tweet “You have to know who your business is supposed to help and then go after them.”] A prospect is someone that fits your customer description, needs your offer and will most likely be able to pay for your offer. If they do not have this 3 characteristics they are not going to become customers.

Action Point: [Tweet “Know your prospect. Know those who would most likely to pay for your offer”] Social media can help you know more about your prospect so you can market to them better. Do a proper client/prospect analysis and then target them with all you know about them. Where they live, how much they earn, the type of work they do etc. With the current list of customers you have you can generate another set of prospects. Just upload the list to Facebook and find/create similar audiences or prospects to your customers and market to them too. They would convert easily.

Prospecting is a very important part of the customer acquisition process. Many fail to do this either because they are lazy, they would rather just continue in their regular way that yields no result or they do not know about this. If you do this more often you would stop trying to sell snow to the Eskimo, which is more difficult and start selling butter to the person that has bread – which is a lot easier. You would begin to close more deals and have less headaches and bad dreams.

[Tweet “Remember Strategies win battles not weapons.”]

Let me know your thoughts.

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