My name is Victor Anyanwu. They call me The Oracle and I like to sit on tables. (Ideas come faster when you sit on the table). I am a social media consultant and strategist and I help clients use Social Media profitably. They get noticed and heard. They Attract, Connect, Engage and then convert visitors to customers. You want to increase income, cut cost, connect and engage with customers, stand out, grow your brand and market share? You dream and have a vision of becoming that dream? With Social media I bring your dreams to life.


Social Media Marketing and
Advert Services

Generate immediate results- our social media advert services have been proving to accelerate growth by advertise through social media. All our clients have seen results at the lower cost than before.

Social Media Strategist and Audit

Every successful plan rises and falls on strategy. Every action you take on social media should be part of your larger social media marketing strategy. That means very post, reply, like, comment, should all be guided by a plan that’s driving toward business goals. We can help you create that Social media strategy.

SMS and Email

the fastest way to deliver short messages with high level readership is still sums. Another very effective marketing high converting system is email marketing. Imaging combining sums, email and social media your conversion will increase 40-50% more if you were using them alone. 

Take advantage of our social media and online management plans


  • When I saw  Victor's Ad about Social Media Selling, I thought to myself that this is the course I'm launching in some days time and that he won't be teaching anything special. But then, something attracted him to me, his style and price so I just decided to be his student immediately and so I made my payment. Hmmm...honestly I'm short of words! He charged so little and gave so Much, he was more concerned about our benefits than the money we paid for the training with him. The follow up was awesome.He attended to all questions no matter what. Even after the course, he still attended to our troubles. Indeed Victor, You are a rare gem, very committed to transformation and You are my MENTOR.
    Victor, You are a rare gem!
  • The social selling course was very insightful, for me as a trainer, it has helped me improve how I target my audience. This will further improve conversion of my prospects and improve my sales. Victor Anyanwu is very knowledgeable about social media and is the go-to resource for your social media marketing strategies.
    The social selling course was very insightful
  • I enjoyed your teaching on Social Selling‎. Learning with a few people, the attention and the concentration given to each student made it easier to understand the lectures and go through the exercises with ease. The course was very rewarding and serves as a springboard to enhance how I communicate and connect with my social media audience. I realise everything I had been doing wrong with my audience. Thank you for this ‎, I Look Forward to more courses soon!
    I enjoyed your teaching on Social Selling‎.

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