1. Do not make it difficult for your customers to reach you.

Do not make your account *private*

2. Respond to Dms. A lot of business happens here ..be as professional as possible

3. Ask for referrals and recommendations after you’ve wowed your customer.

4. Give Customers value for their money.

5. Remember KLT – The person must trust your product and you if not no business.

Watch the video to get the full gist

Victor Anyanwu - The Oracle

Victor Anyanwu - The Oracle

They call me The Social media Oracle. I am a Business & Healthcare Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Strategist, Content Creator and Online Reputation Manager. I Fix Social Media (Facebook and Instagram) Ads, manage Social Media Accounts, Online Reputations and Communities. I help you use Social Media Profitably to Attract Prospects and Convert them to paying Customers growing your businesses by 6 and 7 Figures. Linkedin ranked me top 3% in the Social Media Marketing Industry. I am the guy that other Coaches and Experts come to when they need help with Adverts, Online Marketing and Social media.

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