So Instagram released this document and statement

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, people,
communities and businesses around the world are
facing a difficult time adjusting to a new way of
life. For the world’s businesses, the health, safety
and wellness of their employees and customers
is a critical priority. We also recognize that in this
complex climate, companies are facing major
challenges as their business-as-usual operations
are disrupted.

Businesses are dealing with uncertainty about
how to reach and serve their customers in
authentic ways that provide value and reassurance.
According to a Kantar survey on what consumers
expect from brands in the time of COVID-19, brands
that were able to deliver purpose in an ethical way
saw their value grow twice as much as average
brands. People expect brands to deliver real value,
act responsibly and do right by the community,
including their employees.

In this playbook, we’re sharing some creative
ways for you to be purposeful in this time of social
distancing by doubling down on digital tools,
authentically engaging with your community and
keeping open lines of communication with your
customers. To help you get moving as quickly
as possible, we’re also sharing tactical “how to”
guides to get you set up with Instagram tools.
At Instagram, we understand the gravity of this
challenge, and we want to do everything we can to
help your business connect with your communities
and customers. Let’s get started.

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