December 7, 2019, will not be forgotten easily. It was the day Anthony Joshua defeated Andy Ruiz and reclaimed his belts.

Let’s talk about some lessons.

1. Sometimes Talk is just Talk.

Ruiz was so sure he was going to do it again. He thought Joshua would not recover. He partied, added weight and lost in the ring 6 months after winning.

You need to put in the work to win.

Sometimes Talk is just Talk.

2. Fight your way

Never let your enemy make the fight theirs. Joshua fights better from afar… Throwing punches with his long arms using the height advantage. Ruiz fights better up close with his shorter arms. Joshua didn’t let him come close.

Use tactics you are already comfortable with that will destroy your enemy.

3. Never underestimate the Enemy

Before Ruiz… Joshua had never been defeated. He saw the Mexican as an out of shape boxer that he could easily deal with. Never underestimate the Enemy

4. Never let success get into your head.

Since he had never been defeated Joshua let success get to him. Failure many times is a better teacher.

5. You can retreat but never surrender

Even if you were defeated before, you can still come back and win.

Joshua lost 6 months ago but here he is back on the winning side.

The tables can turn at any time. If you are loosing, retreat, Leave, come back another day well prepared and take your glory back.

Anyone that connected with you… Let’s know in the comments.

Any you want to add?