With 2016 being an awesomely great year for social media what would 2017 hold? Let me make a few predictions… I have looked into the social media crystal ball and I predict as follows:

1. [Tweet “Videos will continue to dominate in 2017.”] More and more brands will begin to use videos to reach more people. It saves time for content producers and consumers and is usually better in communicating real emotions. Since I started using it my engagement with my audience has improved tremendously. If you are not using it, you should. You ought.

2. Live videos will dominate too. Spontaneous unplanned real life happening videos will fill our feeds more this 2017. Sometimes you see somethings that you have to report live like a journalist. Awesome stuff or extremely important stuff that you just must share. Get ready for this.

3. I see new social media platforms/companies coming up as well more mergers and acquisitions… Be on the look out for Google plus and Twitter.

4. Virtual Reality will become a household name in 2017. Many more companies will take advantage of this technology to improve customer experience. Many people would want to experience things. People want to see and get immersed, provide this and your conversion would be instant.

5. The customer’s strength will increase tremendously. Brands will go out of their way to win them over… Awesome customer experience is the way to go.

6. [Tweet “This is the year of Improved content and better story telling.”] If you can write or create awesome content or you know how to make a totally boring subject interesting then this is your year.

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7. [Tweet “Social media Analytics will be very important this year.”] Companies and brands will want to make sure their funds are well utilized and are reaching their target market. Many Social media posters who call themselves Strategists will loose their jobs because of this except they deliver on business and social goals.

So what do you think… Any more additions to these prophecies?

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