Like him or hate him, Mark Zuckerberg just has the magic touch. His ideas are just fantastic. This 32 year old husband, father, Programmer, Jeans – Wearing Business Executive and Facebook Founder knows how to make people grow his business.

He turned a boring subject called Tech into an interesting one known as social media. [Tweet “If you were able to learn his strategies and then use them in Real estate you might have another Facebook in your hands and this time in the Real Estate industry.”]

Let’s look at how he took the Tech Industry by Storm.

[Tweet “Mark created a system of plans, invited the best heads and hands to join him and then created a beautiful user-friendly site where people could easily provide their information without hesitation.”]

He provided a platform for people to talk so much about themselves, what’s happening to them and what they were feeling. He then encouraged the subscribers on the platform to invite others to join them because he knew that when your friend asks you to be part of something you would most likely join. He also made it extremely easy to invite them.

As the site subscribers grew he would provide even more tools and services to help subscribers talk more about themselves and you can imagine the growth he saw because people like to talk about themselves. He didn’t talk about himself or what he did. All he did was make it possible for others to talk and he made money from them doing so. He turned a simple social platform into a giant business tool. This fantastic system when deployed in Real Estate will look like this:

You create a Real Estate site platform, a subscriber site where you provide a bait for people interested in Real Estate that come to your site to chew on.

You provide an opportunity for them to invite others to join in effortlessly and as your subscriber base keeps growing you keep marketing and selling Real Estate to them. As long as you keep providing the bait this system would just continue to grow and grow your subscriber base and income from your purchasing clients.

Try this out and let’s see how it goes.

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