What I Do

Social Media Marketing & Management

Social media management is the process of creating content, posting it, analyzing same, and engaging with content posted by others on social media platforms to help you get more visibility and convert that visibility to more leads and sales.

Digital Marketing

We can handle Marketing on different platforms. Digital marketing is any formof marketing of products or services on digital platforms. It could be offline (TV, Radio, Phone Calls, Digital Boards) or Online ( Social Media, Affiliate Marketing , Emails etc)

Online Marketing

Once you use the internet to get the word out about your product or service it is Online Marketing. But are you doing it properly? Are you attracting,Engaging and Converting? That’s what we can help you do.

Website Creation & Management

You can have a website or a sign board, We create WEBsites that attract people, provide Superior Digital Experiences and convert visitors to paying customers. Our website management brings GREATER BRAND ENGAGEMENT, HIGHER CONVERSIONS and shows MEASURABLE RESULTS


Appear On the First Page of Google! Over the last decade of doing SEO for companies big and small I have helped Doctors, Businesses of all kinds, Medical centers Spas schools, Lawyers etc get found by Search for their services. We can help you too.

Facebook & Google Ads

Advertising is the lure that draws new customers to your business. Facebook and Google have some of the best proven results. But there are some tricks and tactics to use to get best results. We employ this to get best results for clients with lowest cost possible.

Social Media For Healthcare

Your patients are looking for you. They are looking for your Doctors, looking for your Dentalclinic, looking for your Healthcare Professionals and their specialties, looking for your Nursesand Nursing Homes, Diagnostic centre, Radiological, Medical Labs etc

Online Reputation Management

Your online reputation determines how others perceive you and your business. You could have itgood or bad. Our work is to create and maintain a favourable brand image of the companyand its products and monitor what the online public thinks as well as what they are saying.

Content Creation/Management 

If your Content is not marketing then you are leaving a lot of money on thetable..let us help you create that content that would bring you clients now.

Influencer Marketing

Individuals who have dedicated following can market your business. But howdo you pick the right ones to give you that needed attention and awarenesswhile bringing new customers? That’s where we come in. Talk to me now.

Social Media For Business

If done well, marketing on social media can bring remarkable success to your business, driveleads and sales while creating devoted brand advocates. This is what I can help you do.


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