The SWAT Score for Social Media is a number between 1 and 12 that represents the effectiveness of your Social media visibility, findability and strategy. Developed by The Oracle, Nnamdi Victor Anyanwu, the S.W.A.T Score stands for Strategies, Weapons, And Tactics Score. This is a score gotten from the analysis of a brand’s social identity and posting strategy. The higher you score the better your visibility, findability and strategy.

How it is Calculated

There are four core parameters we look at – Profile bio, Profile and Cover Photo, Keywords and Hashtags and we assign a score from 1-3 (1 being lowest and 3 being highest) depending on how strategic those parameters were written and deployed. The total of this is known as The SWAT Score. A value of 0 – 4 is poor, 5- 9 is ok and 10 – 12 is awesome.

Work continues to go on to improve the score and how it can help assess and improve strategy.