social selling

What is Social selling? What does it mean when you say You sell on Social Media? Just putting up a product photo on your timeline with a price tag and hoping to see your bank credit alerts is like stopping someone on the road, giving him your product and expecting to get paid.

So many people claim to do Social selling but they actually do what I described above. They do products pushing and then wonder why people refuse to buy. Then they claim the social selling practice does not work. How wrong can you be.

Social selling actually works but not in the way you expect. It is actually an indirect sales channel not direct. So if you don’t understand it and what the outcomes may be, you would be disappointed.

The key to social selling is not selling itself but being social that is why it is ‘social selling’ not ‘selling social’. First be social and then sell not the other way around. But what many of us do is we sell first and then try to be social thereafter. Wrong!

Social selling is about helping people. So Attract them, Engage them, and then Convert them. It’s about asking people who Know, Like or Trust you to buy their solutions from you. It’s about seeking connections first before you seek for transactions. It is about listening to pains, needs and wants and then providing value to satisfy them. It is not about Products Pushing. No it isn’t.